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Who has the best chicken wings in the Upper Valley?

On September 10, 2020 my brother in law and I were driving home and were talking. the topic of Chicken Wings came up and then I asked the question “Who has the best Wings in the Upper Valley?” Neither of us really knew. I later went onto the Upper Valley (VT/NH) Facebook Group and asked the question “What restaurant has the best chicken wings in the Upper Valley?” That post generated 136 comments in just over a few days. On September 30, 2020, I decided to go through all of those comments, tally up all of the restaurants mentioned (1 or 2 people listed their own recipes and I did not acknowledge them) and how many times each were mentioned to determine what restaurant in the Upper Valley actually had the best chicken wings?

There were 114 mentions (votes) involving 34 restaurants. The overwhelming winner of this very unofficial poll was Big Fatty’s BBQ in White River Junction, VT with 22 votes. All the results are below but here are the top 5 (plus ties) restaurants in the Upper Valley that have the best chicken wings:

  1. Big Fatty’s BBQ 186 S Main St White River Junction, VT 05001
  2. Public House Pub Quechee 5813 Woodstock Rd, Quechee, VT 05059
  3. Salt Hill Pub ALL LOCATIONS
  4. Colatina Exit 164 Main St, Bradford, VT 05033
  5. (tie) Latham House Tavern 9 Main St, Lyme, NH 03768 AND Windsor Station 26 Depot Ave, Windsor, VT 05089

Here is the spreadsheet I created listing the restaurant name, percentage and number of votes:

1Big Fatty’s19%22
2Public House9%10
3salt hill pub8%9
5Latham House Tavern5%6
5Windsor Station5%6
7Enfield House of Pizza4%5
7Marsh Brothers4%5
10Kitchen 563%3
10Thai Orchid3%3
10Trail Break3%3
145 olde2%2
14Mikes in hartland2%2
14Peyton Place2%2
14Poor Thom’s2%2
14Worthy Kitchen2%2
20110 grill1%1
20Cantore’s pizza1%1
20Frazer’s Place1%1
20Hannaford’s wing bar1%1
20Longtrail brewery1%1
20Ninety Nine1%1
20Quechee pizza chef1%1
20ramuntos Bridgewater1%1
20Ramuntos Claremont1%1
20third rail1%1
20wicked awesome bbq1%1

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