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Welcome to my official website! I’m Kevin McTaggart, I am a stand up comedian who lives in Vermont and this website is my primary way of giving my opinion in a written form about whatever I want! I also have the McTaggart Attack Podcast, which I publish every Monday through Friday anywhere you download podcasts! In addition to this site and my podcast, you can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @McTaggartAttack. If you have any question, comments, concerns or complains email me

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The McTaggart Attack Podcast:

  • In this episode of Trivial Nonsense Friday, I'm in a bad mood and get some stuff off my chest. I end the podcast explaining why I'm taking a break from doing this podcast!  
  • In this episode I explain what I hate about people that love the same things I do and what I may actually be doing and why it's one way I know I hate myself! Email: Follow me @mctaggartattack on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok!
  • In this week's "What's Pissing YOU Off Wednesday" I reacted to the following contributions from Facebook & Twitter: Dee Kraft Jobs that expect you to fill every role – you're a sales associate, an area specialist, store security, cashier, the janitor- hell, do you want us to fix the roof when it leaks, too? Lesley […]
  • I start this episode explaining the direction I want to take it in and then I rant about people who use computers at work and don't know how to use them! Email: Follow me @mctaggartattack on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok!
  • I went for a walk (so there may be some wind in the background) and I reminded myself that I do this podcast for me and nobody else. I also question if it's a good thing that I desire to be famous. I end the podcast wondering if I want to keep doing this podcast […]

Who has the best chicken wings in the Upper Valley?

On September 10, 2020 my brother in law and I were driving home and were talking. the topic of Chicken Wings came up and then I asked the question “Who has the best Wings in the Upper Valley?” Neither of us really knew. I later went onto the Upper Valley (VT/NH) Facebook Group and asked […]

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