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Welcome to my official website! I’m Kevin McTaggart, I am a stand up comedian who lives in Vermont and this is my official website! I also have my podcast “What’s Pissing You Off Wednesday”! In addition to this site and my podcast, you can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok @McTaggartAttack. If you have any question, comments, concerns or complains email me

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What’s Pissing You Off Wednesday:

You Want To Control The Stupid People! What‘s Pissing You Off Wednesday

In this week's episode Kevin McTaggart, the grumpiest comedian in Vermont, gets angry about the following contributed topics:   Waking up early when you don't have to!   Being forced to use eCoupons!   People who complain about the high price of gas!     If you're pissed off about something and would like to contribute to this podcast, here are some ways you can do it:     -Comment on Facebook or Twitter(@mctaggartattack) when I post "What's pissing you off today?"   -Comment on the YouTube link of a podcast episode!   -Click here   -Email me   -Or you can say it to my face!   Follow this podcast on Twitter    And don't forget to buy my merch!   Music: Voyage Musician: @iksonmusic
  1. You Want To Control The Stupid People!
  2. Life Is A Conspiracy Theory!
  3. The NRA Is The Worst!
  4. Not Everyone Should Have A Dog!
  5. I Give Dating Advice?

Who has the best chicken wings in the Upper Valley?

On September 10, 2020 my brother in law and I were driving home and were talking. the topic of Chicken Wings came up and then I asked the question “Who has the best Wings in the Upper Valley?” Neither of us really knew. I later went onto the Upper Valley (VT/NH) Facebook Group and asked…

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